All of the photographs here, have been taken on my travels throughout the country. After starting in the still photography business in 1971, and then spending the next 40 some years

in the film business, I'm finding myself going back to where I started, except now, it's on a more personal level. Most of my images are of a western nature, because it's a subject that I've been familiar with for a very long time, one I love, and one that I find really interesting to shoot. 

There are so many different textures and designs in them, some of which have been around for hundreds of years, but still seem exciting and current today. I think that the western way of life, and the lure of the "Old West", is a lifestyle that people still find deeply romantic, and continues to maintain a certain alluring charm, with a culture all it's own.

I 've re-worked some of these photographs in various degrees, by manipulating them into a style that, from a distance, looks like a normal photograph,....but when viewed up close, take on a whole different look. I wanted them to still look like a normal photograph, and not distract from the subject matter, but by re-working them a bit they take on the look of a photo illustration, line drawing, or a unique stylized painting.

I look at each shot and decide how I want the finished piece to look. I then try several different techniques before arriving at the one, I feel, works best for that particular shot. Each image is basically a one-of-a-kind, as the effect I finally decide on, is different from each one I do.